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Our team is dedicated to using our combined skills and experiences to fulfill the TEH’s vision of a world where everyone sees.

We believe that we can make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others by providing the very best eye care services making them accessible to all.

We understand that this work is not only vision about restoring vision, but also dignity and self-esteem.

We are committed to providing these services with integrity, compassion and humility.

Our Board of Directors


Vice Chairman


Assistant Secretary

Our Board of Directors

Our doctors

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Chief Surgeon and Consultant Ophthalmologist


Consultant Anesthesiologist


Medical Doctor 

Resident of Ophthalmology


Medical Doctor 

Resident of Ophthalmology

Our Doctors

Our PArtners


Trinidad Eye Hospital expresses its sincere gratitude to the Aravind Eye Care System for its consistent support and guidance. AECS guided our thinking in our early days and continues to mentor us as we grow and move forward. We are fortunate to have Aravind as a mentor organization providing inspiration, education, sharing best practices and helping us in our journey to provide high quality, affordable eyecare for all people. 


Trinidad Eye Hospital is pleased to partner with the John A. Moran Eye Center located on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. As a “Partner in Service” the Moran Eye Center will assist the TEH in providing multi-specialty training for local doctors, equipment, software, ideas for improving systems and processes, training for staff, ophthalmology residency and fellowship training, opportunities for research, and local and international humanitarian outreach.  


Trinidad Eye Hospital has signed an Institutional Partnership agreement with the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT). DATT is the national non profit association for diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago. Their focus is to prevent or delay the onset of those at risk through Education, Research and Advocacy. Through this arrangement, persons living with diabetes can access FREE Diabetic Eye Screening. 

Our Partners
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