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subsidized pricing (SP)

What is SP?

The Subsidized Pricing (SP) Program is a discount program where patients benefit from reduced prices for all clinic and surgical services.

It was created to ensure that everyone has access to the same high quality, affordable eyecare.

No health insurance? SP is the program for you! 

To date, thousands of persons are enrolled and benefit from the SP Program. 

Who can join the SP Program?

Anyone who agrees to our terms and conditions!

For terms and conditions, call 235-4834.

Which services are discounted?

Clinic & Surgical Services are discounted in our SP Program.

For specific pricing and more information, call 235-4834



New Patient/1st Visit

OCT Scan

AVASTIN Injections

Cataract Surgery



+ 50%


So, why pay regular price?

If you can afford it, do it!

Here's why:

Our doctors and surgeons all strive towards using their gifts to give back and to make a significant difference in the lives of our patients. We believe that the same high quality of eye care should be easily accessible to all persons regardless of their economic status. It is with this in mind that we have designed our services so that good fortune is simply passed along.

For those who can afford the regular price, we honour you by passing most of that along to someone who cannot. You directly contribute to helping those who are part of our Subsidized Pricing (SP) Program and can only afford part payment.

It does not stop there, as both regular priced and subsidized priced patients, pass their good fortune along through charity eye surgeries to those who absolutely cannot afford much-needed eye care. 

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