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Ordering Your Spectacles

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After your eye examination, the optical assistant will assist with the frame selections and discussing types of lens and special offers. 

Getting The Right Fit

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Our optical assistant will ensure that the fit and comfort is perfect for you.  Our qualified staff can ensure that you purchase spectacles which is best suitable for both your prescription and lifestyle.  

To ensure we get the best results  

  • Walk with your previous and/or current spectacles  

  • Let us know if there was an problems you may have had before with old specs 

  • Always express your style and preferences  

When Your Spectacles Are Ready

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When your spectacles are ready, you will be notified by a phone call. You will ask to come in to ensure - 

  • You can see clearly at the recommended distances  

  • Your spectacles are adjusted for maximum comfort  

  • You understand how to handle and care for your new spectacles  

  • You understand how to use your new spectacles  

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