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Dry Eye

What is Dry Eye?

People who suffer with dry eye experience one or more of the following in their eyes:

  • Gritty feeling

  • Burning

  • Redness

  • Itching

  • Foreign body sensation

  • Watery eyes

  • Blurred vision which usually improves with blinking

These symptoms may exist independently or in combination. If you experience such symptoms, schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist.

Your doctor will examine the tear film and tear ducts in your eyes and advise on treatment that best meets your needs.

What causes dry eye?

Tears play important roles in ensuring healthy eyes. One function of tears is to lubricate the eye. In the eye, lubrication helps to maintain clear vision. Dry eye occurs when eyes are unable to efficiently produce natural tears.

How is dry eye treated?

Unfortunately, since there is no known cure for dry eyes, it can only be managed.

Each treatment option addresses one or more target causes.

Treatment can include:

  • Drops

  • Ointments

  • Warm Compress

  • Gland Expression

  • Tear Duct Plugs

  • Diet Changes

  • Lifestyle Changes

Join our Dry Eye Clinic, call 235-4834.

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